October 28, 2003 at 9:09 PM

On How Crazies Are Everywhere

So this crazy guy that has been bothering our family ... IS STILL BOTHERING OUR FAMILY.

Here's the deal....

We met this guy a LONG time ago via bullentien boards online (yes - that long ago). We knew he was crazy then - but just not how crazy... so he hung around us FOREVER - and eventually ended up in prision after a series of events (including threatening the life of a judge). He was released a month or so ago on parole... And has been stalking my sister at work ever since. We tried to get a restraining order against him - but it was of course denied... now he has applied to work the night shift with her at her job... What a nut job... Of couse he won't be hired... seeing as how the company is going to put a No Tresspassing order against him.. but still...

These crazies are everywhere... One of my realtors told me today that her next door neighbor has gone all crazy and is threatening to kill her - and set her up while she is showing a house somewhere to do it. Freaky

Stay away crazies... I got enough stress... lol

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Today's Motto: Crazies Crazies Go Away!

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