October 30, 2003 at 10:33 PM

On A Speed Bump In The Making

Halloween is almost here!!! Hurrah Hurrah!

Time for all the ghouls and goblins and drunks to run free and ask for handouts of food that have way more points than I can afford to eat. Ah gotta love gluttony in action...

Here is the funniest thing that happened all week:

Faxine Hauter called up yesterday afternoon on her way into the office to say she would be slightly delayed. Why you may ask... well I will inform you as to why... She was in a big hurry to leave her house and head to the office, but couldn't find her glasses for the life of her - so she left without them. Then, about 3 blocks from the office, on Dale Mabry - a pretty traffic heavy road - she hears a thump from the top and back of her car and realizes that her glasses were on top of her car the whole time - but are now in the middle of the highway. So she first called the Traffic Bureau and asked for some help in retrieving them - and they basically told her to get a life. She then called the Sheriff's office and demanded that someone come out and help her get them from the middle of the street. They agreed - stopped traffic so the crazy woman could run into the road and pick up -- her shattered glasses and case LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL -- I couldn't stop smiling all day -

The only thing that made me smile more was hearing that she will be losing her office - possibly tomorrow to an agent that actually does work. I can't wait... this may very well be the best Halloween ever....

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