March 01, 2004 at 5:13 PM

On Remembering That I Have An Online Diary

Jesus its been a long time since I last wrote in here...

Halloween... its almost the NEXT Halloween lol - feels like it anyway

So - now I work for the Title Company in the next room - same people - much different crap. :) Thanks God!

I'm also directing another kids show. Godspell Jr this time... LOL - I am NOT a musical director by any means however... But yet I am forced to try to plunk out the harmonies on the piano for my kids who sit there patiently with a (come on lets go) smile on their face. Oh well... This one being during the school year, I had thought that we would have less interruptions, seeing as how no one would be leaving on vacations and what not - its WORSE... we have yet to have a single rehearsal where everyone was able to attend. And I don't see one in the near future either. I just don't get it - why sign up and audition and tell me that you have no conflicts just to turn around and not be at 70% of the rehearsals? Oh well.... I love children :)

Soon I have to leave for class... which I'm also not looking forward to - 3 hours of CONTRACT LAW... whoopie... and I don't have a parking pass yet, so I have to pay for parking tonight until I get it... I fucking hate school and work... lol - actually, work isn't too bad - my boss is just never here it seems, so I really don't know what I'm doing half the time, which is sort of frustrating, but I'll live... at least I'm not being tortured by the CB agents anymore..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I pitty Melinda & Jen - but someone has to do it - because I refuse :P

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